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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Oats Royd

Broom and some Gorse at Oats Royd NR

The Broom bushes at Oats Royd are in full bloom just now. Canada Geese have 3 and 4 young. Swallows and Swifts are in large numbers. Not many Butterflies about though. A friendly beetle arrived and I snapped it just as it was leaving. The photo of the fish is the best I got - any ideas as to species?
Dor beetle (Geotrupes spp)

Does anyone know what species of fish this is?


Linda said...

Checked my insect book and it looks like a Dor beetle, which is a type of dung beetle. Can't see anything else that looks likely. The fish looks similar to the one I saw in the canal - interesting. Nice pictures Bruce.

Bruce said...

Thanks Linda
I have now looked at Dor beetle and it does look identical to the picture. Apparently the under side can be full of mites. see: http://www.dgsgardening.btinternet.co.uk/dungbtle.htm