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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Next Walk - a reminder

Our next walk is this Saturday June 18th

Meet Colin Duke at Hollas Lane for a botanical search of Sterne Mills. This plant and bird-rich area is under threat of development. Easy walking.
Meet at SE077232 at 10:30am  Map


Steve Blacksmith said...

We made a brilliant discovery on the walk!
Michael Sykes, experienced photographer and orchid enthusiast, spotted a Bee Orchid in the shade of a Pussy Willow.

We had rumours last year from a member of the public that they were to be found down there.
There is just one other site for them in Calderdale that we know of.

Picture to arrive on this blog soon.

Unfortunately, it is not so nationally rare that it will hold up the fateful development, but they will certainly have to try to transplant it to a safe area.

Unfortunately, Colin Duke was not available to lead the walk.

Andy said...

That's a great discovery Steve. I will keep an eye out when walking around the area to see if I spot it. Is there any truth to the rumours of possible sightings of great crested newts in the same area?

Andy said...

Just today I saw a greater spotted woodpecker in a tree from my in laws house on Wakefield road. I have see a couple of the woodpeckers about a month ago in the nearby longwood.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Andy,
sorry for slow reply, been Norfolk way.

No, I don't think Great Crested Newts have ever been recorded down there, unfortunately. The two other species are there, though.

Steve Blacksmith said...

The Great Spotted is really quite frequent in Calderdale, though still special. The one see all too infrequently is the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. I saw one once near St Stephens Church at Copley.