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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Floating pennywort?

Hello All,

Floating pennywort is a highly invasive plant which covers the surface of waterbodies and eventually kills aquatic life as well as being a 'blockage' nuisance to water users such as anglers and the boating fraternity. It spreads rapidly and has been recorded in the River Calder and Calder and Hebble Navigation.

This year the Calder and Colne Rivers Trust will take the lead in trying to eliminate Floating pennywort from our catchment area. They will work closely with British Waterways, Environment Agency and others. It is intended that Floating pennywort be sprayed in the summer and autumn with approved herbicide using the latest recommended methodology.

If you are unaware of what this plant looks like information about it can be found at http://www.ceh.ac.uk/sections/wq/documents/24Hydrocotyleranunculoides_000.pdf

Help is needed in identifying where the plant is growing. Please report any sightings to Mike Adams at MAdams7036@aol.com or 01924 275644.


Hugh Firman, Conservation Officer, Calderdale Council


Andy said...

I have asked the people in the Save Copley valley Facebook group to keep a look out and I will keep my eyes peeled as it a route I frequently walk.

Bruce said...

Thanks Andy,

email MAdams7036@aol.com If you suspect the presence of any.