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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Shield Bugs

If anyone has any old records or photographs of any Shield bugs taken in Calderdale or see any this year and get a good photo, I would be very grateful if they pass the information on to me, Regards Andy
Billberry Shield Bug ,there are only 3 British records of this species one was taken from the Bradford/Halifax  Moors in the late 1800's. It may well be still present.??


AndyC said...

Phillip,could you e-mail me that pic at andrewcockroft@talktalk.net

Colin D said...

You would be doing well to find the Bilberry SB No known records of recent deemed Extinct thats not to say its subsists why it went a mystery but likely Moorland Management practices played a big role

Heather Shieldbug is an under recorded find through out the UK

Cromwell hosts Green SB Forest SB , Gorse SB , Blue SB, Sloe SB, Hawthorn SB, Birch SB, Parent SB , Sedate SB, (in proximity) and recently another colony of Spiked SB

Bishop Mitre would find the Cromwell Grassland comfortable but is resticted to southern UK and midlands