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Monday, 27 May 2013

Is this a Bloody-Nosed Beetle?

I saw this beetle this morning near Blake Dean. It was on this loose bare area of grit, with heathy vegetation round it. Sunny but windy.
I'm not certain it is a bloody-nosed beetle, as all the references say it is found in Southern England. Can anyone identify it?

Also this Green Tiger Beetle seen a few yards away.


Philip said...

I've now had it confirmed as bloody-nosed beetle. It is flightless and feeds on Galium species and cleavers. Have there been many records of this beetle in the valley? Considering it is flightless it must be fairly static in its range.

AndyC said...

Philip ,,,The first picture of those you have sent me is a forest shieldbug Pentatoma rufipes; the second two images show a late stage nymph of the green shieldbug Palomena prasina and the final picture shows an adult of that species. Many thanks to Jim F ,,for this information.if you have a grid ref for any of them I would be very grateful..Andy