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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Phoenix Tree

There is this fallen Beech at Blake Dean and it has managed to survive because its root plate was still partially in the ground. It has produced 2 new upright trunks partway down the stem. The whole tree is on the ground with another new stem growing from the end of its trunk, many yards away. Always give a fallen tree chance to grow again and do not be in a hurry to saw it up.


Bruce said...

Hi Philip
I have seen this tree several times over the years. A good example of survival. There are plenty recently fallen trees showing this but not as good as the one pictured... unless someone knows better!

Steve Blacksmith said...

Yes, I've marvelled at this Phoenix tree myself whenever I've passed it. Two ancient sycamores were smashed down recently by the wind at Widdop Res, we noticed on the HSS walk last Sunday. Their leaves are still green, but they look as if they will die, and any coppice shoots are sure to be eaten by the sheep.
There are some amazing lichens on them brought down to eye level.