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Friday, 24 May 2013

Is this an Emporer Moth Cocoon ?

Found on the moorland between Widdop and Upper Gorple Reservoirs earlier this spring (14th April).
It was lying on the surface. 
I have seen similar things before, including some weathering out of a high peat bank, their position low down in the peat suggesting they were from a very long time ago. Couldn't find these the next time as I was at the same place (other side of Widdop Res. on top of the ridge.) Maybe evidence of prehistoric moths?


brian leecy said...

Steve,its a Oak/Northern Eggar Moth Cocoon, probably an old one from one or two seasons ago.and looking at the hole at the end, the Moth hopefully Emerged successfully.Unfortunately many are Destroyed with Burning Off of the Heather, Regards Bri.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Cheers Brian.