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Friday, 17 May 2013

Emperor Moths 17 05 13

Portia and Brian had a Very Nice find today in their Garden ! These Beautiful Mating Emperor Moths, Britain's only Silkmoth.



Steve Blacksmith said...

Wow, what a fantastic find. I've never seen one, despite tramping the moors all my life.

I find old cocoons, in fact I have one now that looks failed, with just tiny hole. Perhaps it is worth dissecting? Perhaps they are not Emporer cocoons.

brian leecy said...

Hi Steve,if its got a small hole in side of Cocoon its Proabably been Parasitised by a Parasitic Wasp,ive found a few with the small Tell Tale Hole in the side ! one of which 25 Wasps Emerged from one Emperor Cocoon.ps have you got a pic of the Cocoon ? Bri

Steve Blacksmith said...

I'll photo it tomorrow Brian and post it here.