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Monday, 21 March 2011


Hi all
I will be needing a decent camera shortly for wildlife photography and would appreciate advice from you clever people.
Mike has suggested interchangeable lenses. What do you use/recommend?


Linda said...

Hi Bruce, I agree with Mike, interchangeable lenses are great, I have an 18-70 and a 75-300. I've just bought an 18-200 as an intermediate for when I go trekking in Nepal; the trouble with interchangeable lenses is that if you don't know what you'll be using on the day you have a lot of weight to carry. My camera is a Sony Alpha and it takes good photos. I've checked the Wildlife photos that I mentioned on Saturday and the camera's used there are - Nikon D300 (twice), Canon EOS50D (three times), Canon EOS 5D (twice), Nikon D2X, Nikon D3(three times), Canon EOS 1D mark 3, Canon EOS 40D. Looks like Canon and Nikon are the way to go for wildlife photography but in the end it comes down to what you can afford and the lenses too. The photographer is quite important too whatever the camera!! Not sure this will help, probably just confuse you even more.

Philip said...

The Canon G12 powershot has good reviews if you want a pocketable camera without interchangeable lenses. 28mm to 140mm zoom and image stabilisation and good for close-ups. Worth a look at the reviews to see if it would suit you.

Bruce said...

Many thanks to all who replied. I am more confused now! I will have a look today at Janet Greens - just a look.

Penninefinch said...

You might want to consider the new GPS cameras that are coming ontot he market at just under £300 (not cheap). They are digital point and shoot variety without the superior lenses etc but good for easy location recording.