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Friday, 25 March 2011


Are there any Aspen trees in Calderdale.?????


Philip said...

I am only aware of planted Aspen of which their are some by the canal near Eastwood, Todmorden and on the roadside banking opposite Shaw Wood Road. We planted some in our wood at Tod quite a few years ago but beware, they sucker like mad and you will soon have a thicket over a vast area. Lovely trees though and the female will have pink caterpillar-like catkins in a week or two.

Philip said...

Correction, I think I mean male catkins!

AndyC said...

Hi thanks Philip,there are some at elland crem Iam going to look.

Steve Blacksmith said...

It is not widespread. I can think of only 4 sites apart from Philip's, and the crematorium, which I hadn't noticed. The natural looking ones are: Above Gorpley Res, on a cliff (not Gorple)and on top of the basic rock outcrop in Colden Dale. These are very small and wispy, being overshaded by beech. Hugh was going to look into thinning the beech.

Then there used to be some probably planted ones at Southowrham and on the land of the "White House" I think it's called, at the top of the road up Shibden Valley.