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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Spring update

A brief update on a wood in Todmorden.

Couple of weeks ago 6 small tortoiseshell and 1 Comma, also Chiff-Chaff. Today a speckled Wood, male Blackcap, Nuthatch and Long Tailed tits and a few Swallows overhead and a Buzzard.

Only the odd few Meadow Foxtail in flower--very late for this grass and is beaten this year by Sweet Vernal, which rarely happens.

Mountain Melic in flower today, as are Kingcups. Lots of Tortrix moths flying about, which suggests the Oak buds are swelling.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Mountain Melic ?
I've never seen that, though look regularly at the site in Hardcastle Crags.

Philip said...

I should have said the Mountain Melic is planted. Since it can't be found in its former places I wanted to see how it differed from Wood Melic and how it performed. It seems to be earlier flowering than Wood Melic and I have noticed it moves around. Mine has vacated its former spot and split into two, both populations moving away from each other. It isn't an evergreen grass and the shoots appear quickly in early Spring and then grow vigorously.