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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Request for the toad records and a joyful re-find!

I got just four toads last night at Boulderclough site. It seems to be coming to an end, but don't take my word for it - check the thermometer and your stretches of road. I'll be going out later tonight.

When you are convinced the migration is over the Hx. Sci Soc would greatly value your counts, including dead amphibians. Just basic numbers and species is OK, dates being very important.

I am named organiser only for Bolderclough Dam with Froglife; you can register with them and send in your own records, or I can send them to Froglife with my Bouderclough counts.
If you look on their website you will see they collect slightly more detailed records if you use their form. I only send fairly basic records as I don't have time to do everything they ask; I am recorder of birds with HSS as well !

I was unable to find a volunteer for the Thornhills Beck Lane site after Margaret had to go on holiday. But thanks for saving those you did, Margaret.

I offered to show people toadspawn who weren't lucky enough to spot any, and have some in a bucket here. Sunday 24th April late afternoon/ evening is a good time for me. I can bring it to Boulderclough, then to Woodhouse Rd. Todmorden, as a suggestion of possible arrangements. Or in Halifax if you're passing. Leave your comments below if anyone is interested.


Daffodils, native and unplanted ones, were recorded at Hippins Clough, near Blackshaw Head.  This is in the Halifax Naturalist, which only ran until 1908, so the record is at least that old.

I've looked without success for several springs, and we found them on Sunday 17th April!  I spotted a clump of five, and Annie Honjo added another seven scattered about.

They are in the upper part of Jumble Hole Clough ( it becomes Hippins Clough at some point ) about 150 metres below the ruined Staups Mill.

They are half way up the steep slope on the side opposite the footpath. There are dandelions, Lesser Celandines and other woodland flowers around there. You need binoculars to be sure of the ID.

Perhaps they only escaped the collectors by the steep and wet situation they grow in.

There are about another half dozen sites, mostly around Halifax, in the old records.


ChrisJB said...

Nice one of the wild daffs Steve.

Steve Blacksmith said...

My second to last sentence - maybe not everyone will know that wild plants were at one time widely collected to sell to gardeners. This probably led to the local extinction of many plants around large industrial areas like ours.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks Chris.