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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Widdop Common Lizard, 4th April 2015

A lovely coppery coloured common lizard, by Slack Stones, Widdop, early this afternoon.  Having seen a couple of common lizards on the Calderdale uplands in recent years, I started thinking how wonderful it would be if adders were present in the area.  I'm aware of a population over in Rossendale, which isn't that far away. 
I also saw a wimberry bumblebee (Bombus monticola), that flew into my car and landed on my yellow Christmas tree air freshener.  Alas it flew off as I fumbled for the camera.

Regards, C. Jepson-Brown


Steve Blacksmith said...

Couple of good sightings there, Chris.
I'll keep the records - both on 4th April.

ChrisJB said...

Cheers Steve. The bee was a big surprise. I don't think I've seen B. monticola so early before.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Adders are it seems present at Ogden as a gardener reported one biting his leg - had hospital treatment and his pic in the Courier.

Two dogs at least have been bitten there, one apparently fatally.

Exotic snakes have also been identified living on the golf course there.

A runner, a postman, reported being bitten on Norland Moor.

A 1960s record came from Heptonstall Moor. Plus there are a few other places, but not photographed or precise enough to re-find.

Matt Wilson, Herpetologist from Littleborough is also very interested in Calderdale reptiles. His blog is in our links list, on the right.

ChrisJB said...

Thanks Steve. I have heard of odd, vague records too, but nothing concrete that would warrant a designated adder quest day!