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Friday, 24 April 2015

Interesting trees

This Sycamore lapsed pollard must be the largest girth of any I have seen within our area. It is not in Calderdale but at St Ives just outside Bingley. There are some impressive trees in this former medieval estate and it is worth a visit. Rather a shame there is no continuity of planting for when these giants leave us. (many have collapsed). But that seems to be the case in most places. Plenty of new woodlands being planted but no trees for the future.

The other picture is of a Hawthorn at Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden. The spiral trunk resembles twisted lianas and leads to wondering how it grew like that. Every spiral look like they could be separate columns of sapwood.


Steve Blacksmith said...

The Halifax Scientific Society used to have an annual trip to St. Ives.
though I don't remember that giant sycamore.

Philip said...

Hi Steve, this Sycamore and other large feature trees, are in the fields between the wood and the main road. There is a footpath through the fields direct from the car park. I haven't measured this Sycamore but it looks 350 years plus.

michael said...

Is it still used by the Grassland research people?

Philip said...

Yes the grassland research is still there near the mansion and horse riding establishment. But the fields containing these big trees are by the main road. The footpath to them is just across from the first car park.