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Monday, 13 April 2015

Colden Valley trees

There has been some woodland management in the Colden Valley by ring-barking a small number of Sycamore trees. The first photo show one that has also been topped and then a coronet cut made on the end of the remaining trunk.
This technique was originally developed for branch reduction on ancient trees to try and mimic a natural break, the theory being the tree responds with new growth better than when cut cleanly across. Not sure what the purpose of this coronet cut is in the Colden situation.

The second photo shows one of the most interesting Sycamores in Colden; I do hope they leave this one alone. Characters need preserving.


michael said...

Yes I noticed quite a few trees in that area that had been ring barked.
It is interesting how they are restoring the old water goits in order to get the power generaters going though. I believe there is some oppostion to the scheme from one of the residents.

Steve Blacksmith said...

I know that root-exposed as well as grafted on to another sycamore. Very distinctive, as are many of the oldest sycamores.

I also hope they leave some of these oldest sycamores.

There's an ancient giant at the top edge of Colden Dale, near Heptonstall, with a stream actually running through its exposed roots!

Philip said...

My interpretation of this sycamore is that a low side branch of the main trunk has arched to reach the ground. Then it has rooted and grown into a separate tree whilst remaining attached to mother. Trees can walk across the landscape.