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Monday, 20 April 2015

Old trees

These lovely old trees are near Sowerby town. There are many field margin mature trees nearby but these seem older than the others. Apart from the beech, the 2 sycamores and 1 ash appear to be lapsed pollards. The ash in the background shows good re-growth following a large branch collapse. The middle sycamore has the characteristic pollard head where cutting has taken place in the past.

Trees such as these should be cared for and cannot be replaced in our present landscape. Many of these type are collapsing locally and are not regarded for what they are. They are suitable for being managed to last for many years and are local treasures.

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Steve Blacksmith said...

I absolutely agree with you Philip.
A very large oak was sawed off at ground level a few years ago in Elland Park Wood. It was temporarily branchless after a storm, but was the oldest in the wood, going on girth. I estimated it would have lived for another couple of hundred years. The Countryside Dept looked into it for me but the answer came back that no-one on Council staff had cut it and no-one knew who had.