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Monday, 29 April 2013

Otter in Calder Valley

A friend of mine saw an otter last Thursday at about 2pm in the Calder Valley. First he saw some sudden movements of fish in the water, then the otter broke the surface and he realised what had disturbed the fish.  He has lived locally for nearly 70 years, on and off, and says he's never seen an otter in this area before.

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gwh said...

Although im not a member of your group i hope you dont mind me commenting its great that you have seen an otter but there are those who scout these sites looking for the infomation you have just put out in order to hunt and kill these magnificent creatures, i would divulge the infomation at your meetings only . yours Graham Haigh (Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group)

Calderdale Wildlife said...

The location has been edited as this is sensitive information. We do encourage records of all kinds,
however if anyone has a record of rare or protected species please email the blog moderator.

Thank you Shan for the information.

Bruce said...

A good record Shan. It seems they are well up the Valley now. I know that almost all major waterways in England now have otters. A sign of healthy waters. We must expect our tributaries to be colonised as well. Apparently they see off the mink.

Shan said...

Thank you for your advice Graham - I should have realised but let my enthusiasm carry me away. How fantastic that there's so much more life of all sorts in our rivers - especially in the face of so much bad news about wildlife generally.