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Monday, 1 April 2013

Day flying bat

On Saturday there was a bat foraging at mid-day and catching insects over the trees on Hall Street, Todmorden. Probably a pipistrelle. I have a little video of it but the blogger doesn't seem to support ones taken from a camera and held on the computer; only youtube, webcam (whatever they are) or camera phone. Unless someone knows different.


Bruce said...

Hi Philip
Send me the video

I will see what I can do

Steve Blacksmith said...

I have seen small bats flying in middle of the day occasionally,but it's very unusual. Sometimes they might get disturbed in their roost, or, more likely in this case perhaps, it needed to feed after its hibernation. There weren't many insects around yesterday, unfortunately.

Philip said...

Thanks Bruce. I would send you the video but same problem applies--how do I do that, email won't allow a video as attachment(too large). Also I don't seem to have your email address.