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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Roe Deer - Cleveley Gardens 26-03-13

The Arctic conditions tempted this Roe Deer to come and browse on my neighbours vegetation which, due to luck, I managed to photograph.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Interesting how the white rump-patch against the snow disrupts its outline. I'd only thought of that as a herd-signal before, not camouflage.

I surprised one on the canal bank at Tenterfields once that surprised me by diving straight in the canal and swimming across to get to the field opposite.

And two people I know saw 2 deer swimming across the middle of Baitings Res!

Bruce said...

I must admit Steve, I may jump in if you took me by surprise as well.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Tee hee ! I have that effect.