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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Meadow Pipit and food

During a walk through Lumbutts and out onto the moors I saw a Meadow Pipit carrying food so it's probably raising a late brood. Nothing unusual about this but does anyone have any ideas on what insect it may have in its beak, some kind of moth perhaps?


Bruce said...

It looks like a moth species to me!

Anyone else be more accurate?

Bruce said...

Second thoughts. It looks like a Skipper - a bit pale though.

brian leecy said...

Hi Jeff,looks like a Antler Moth,should be lots about now.regards Bri.

Bruce said...

So it is (was) a moth!

Thanks Brian for the ID

Jeff Cox said...

Cheers Brian, it's always good to know someone can id creatures even from poor photos!