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Friday, 24 August 2012

Any Cinnabar Moths/Caterpillars being seen locally ?

Is anybody finding many Cinnabar Moths or Caterpillars Locally in Calderdale this Year,i have seen 1 Moth and Caterpillars in 2 places in the Todmorden area so far this Year on patches of Ragwort,never saw any in 2008 to 2010,found quite a few Caterpillars 2011.regards Brian 


Anonymous said...

I have never seen this species anywhere, let alone Calderdale.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Like, you Brian, I've failed to notice it for quite a few years. Sightings of odd adult moths only, but this year there have been plenty of caterpillars in the church yard next to me at Skircoat Green. Also there were a lot beside the Marina at Sowerby Bridge, along the path to the Navigation Inn. That was about 2 weeks ago. I kept 4 in a shoe box. Two escaped and two have pupated.
I've only seen one adult this year, flying past my back door about a month ago.

brian leecy said...

its more encouraging this Year they seem to be turning up in some areas but not in ,others.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Found some more yesterday at Cromwell Bottom, beside the path leading down to newt corner, before you get into the shade of the trees. Some were full size, nearly ready to pupate, but others were half-grown, so you might see them if you can get down there, Nigel. Just look at all the ragwort plants. If you keep one and feed it till it pupates you might get to see an adult next spring.