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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hardcastle Crags and Crimsworth Dean

Post from Charlie.

Visit to Hardcastle Crags and Crimsworth Dean yesterday.

Here's some of the photos I took yesterday - nothing rare but a good variety.

Many thanks Charlie.

Caloptilia Sp

Two mines of Caloptilia alchimiella or robustella on oak from Crimsworth Dean. One of the larva has vacated the mine and rolled the tip of the leaf in to a neat cone to feed within.

I will have to rear it through to at least the pupal stage to get a precise ID of the species.

 Holly Tortrix   Rhopobota naevana

A Holly Tortrix found during lunch at the foot of Shackleton Knoll in
amongst Bilberry.

Large Skipper  Ochlodes sylvanus

A Large Skipper nectaring on Marsh Thistle showing the full length
of the proboscis.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Fine pictures, Charlie, and rigorous research into identifications (I take your word for them !)

charlie streets said...

Thanks Steve. The caloptilia species is feeding away happily on a fresh oak leaf having folded a lobe over.It's a beautiful yellow and purple moth when freshly emerged.They are double brooded in the south flying again in early October so I might be able to "force" this one through.