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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Black Caterpillar

I found this crawling up Jackson Hill this afternoon. Surprisingly, although I didn't know, the first web image I decided to look up tells me it is Small Tortoiseshell. Anybody know different?


Bruce said...

Hi Nigel
I think its a Peacock

Anonymous said...

I agree now I investigated further. The web pic I looked at showed a cluster of two larva species and I picked the wrong one.

Steve Blacksmith said...

I understand that when a caterpillar starts wandering away from its food-plant like this, it's looking for somewhere to pupate.
If you keep them, they will do this in captivity, than all you have to do is wait for the adult to emerge, which you can then release. Lesley Lomas is explaining all this to us next Tuesday evening.