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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tree Sparrows & Swallows

Still some nesting activity on the barn at Woolrow, Brighouse today.
One bird appeared to be removing a fecal sac, and another seemed to be taking more nesting material in through the gaps in the stonework.
Also a few House Sparrows mingling with the T S's.
Plus, over 50 Swallows were disturbed by a couple of Kestrels hunting nearby.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Mike,
Do you know that Dave Sutcliffe is doing a Swallow, etc survey this year? That was a good count of swallows.
At last someone else backs up my observation of the 2 sparrow species mixing in flocks.
Breeding still going on here too. Four Dunnocks fledged last weekend. Blackbirds with three newly hatched nestlings today.

Mike Stead said...

Yes - interesting to see both Tree Sparrows and House Sparrows at the same nesting area, Steve.
This has been our poorest year garden-wise for Blackbirds for a long time, but then it's been the 'best' year for Corvids in the garden - Magpies,Crows and Jackdaws regular. I think there has to be a connection !
I'm keeping Dave updated with the Swallow/Martin records too.