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Monday, 11 July 2011

Cromwell Bottom last week

One of the Mint species
Thanks to Charlie and Philip - these appear to be Nail Galls

Shield Bug, Possibly Pentatoma rufipes ???
Common Spotted Orchid

We had a visit to Cromwell Bottom and found Spotted Orchids and an unidentified plant of the Mint family also the shield bug possibly Pentatoma rufipes, If anyone can confirm or otherwise what species then please let us know, and also what appear to be eggs on leaves - any ideas?


charlie streets said...

Bruce,I don't think they are eggs. More likely galls, maybe the plant's defence response to attack by some insect.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the info Charlie. I could not think of anything else they could be.

Philip said...

They look like nail galls, often seen on lime tree leaves. Produced by a mite. the nail gall is sometimes curved and is then called a bugle gall.