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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Eight people turned out for the gentle walk around Cromwell Bottom (part way round only) tonight.
The orchid we think is broad leaved helleborine was at its best. There were 11 spikes, from small to about 50cm.
The Yellow Birds Nest (Monotropa) was also flowering and had about 20 spikes. This is a saprophytic plant, containing no green chlorophyll.
The Round leaved Wintergreen was also in full flower.
Unfortunately the Common Twayblade which we have known from there in good quantity at this time of year was not showing at all.


Steve Blacksmith said...

I should have checked Frank Murgaroyd's FLora of the Parish of Halifax (1995) before posting. He lists Epipactus helleborine (Broad-leaved Helleborine) from Elland Park Wood (near Cromwell Bottom), Sun Wood, Shelf, Holmfield and Royds Hall Wood (just over the Bradford boundary near Holmfield.)

Steve Blacksmith said...

Further to the Yellow Birds-nest plant. Another colony has now been found on the causeway between the two reed beds across Brookfoot Loop.
It is not listed in Murgatroyd 1995.
The only other site known is one very near Todmorden Railway Station.