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Sunday, 27 February 2011

White Butterbur

This plant, native of Europe, naturalised in UK, but rare, is in Colden Dale. I stumbled upon it today. It is a bit smaller than the common butterbur, but quite spectacular. There are many flowers up now, in a spot well off the usual footpaths.

Frank Murgatroyd in his Flora of the Halifax Parish (1995) has it only in a wood near the Ainleys, Elland, and Bullace Trees Wood, Sowerby. The West Yorkshire Plant Atlas only mentions a site near Storthes Hall, Huddersfield.

If any plant enthusiasts want to see it, I can probably arrange time next weekend to lead an
impromtu HSS walk up to see it, (about 1 hour easy walking,) while it is in flower.

Eight very fresh clumps of frogspawn in one of the silted-up dams there today.


Bruce said...

Its a nice plant Steve. Looked it up on line. What day do you fancy going? I can't promise but would like to see it. Joan and Barbara may be interested.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Sunday afternoon?

It turns out Frank Murgatroyd did know about this colony. He found it on a HSS ramble according to Brian Waight, but it must have been too late to include in his Flora of the Halifax Parish.

charlie streets said...

If there is a planned trip this weekend I wouldn't mind going to have a look - if I can cadge a lift.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Great, Charlie. I can give a lift from Dudwell on Sunday afternoon.
Drop me your address in at no 40 and I'll pick you up about 12.40.
2 more seats in the car.

charlie streets said...
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