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Saturday, 5 February 2011

A change in the garden.

On Thursday I cut down a big, ugly Lawson's Cypress which I had been struggling to trim for years and thought it might reduce the number of birds calling in for the seeds, suet, Vitalin dog food I put out for them.

The opposite! New species consist of woodpigeon, jackdaw and bullfinch (a single female in with the chaffinches on the lawn pecking at the budgie seed I spread thinly there.) I have had a rainy day to watch, though - maybe they have visited before when I haven't been watching.

Some might not welcome the bigger species, but I find them fascinating to draw. I like my sketching far more than the rubbish photos I get.

Still no house sparrows, despite a thriving colony a few blocks away in the Green Park Estate.

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