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Saturday, 26 February 2011


Report of frogspawn at Heptonstall (before 25th Feb.)
Also a few toads have been tempted out by the milder weather at Greetland and Lumbutts.

It's time to watch out for the yellow-jacketed people who stand about picking toads up just before they get flattened by traffic ( They often appear mostly after dark.) Somebody suggested they should put little yellow jackets on the toads :-)


Philip said...

Frogs in our pond yesterday in Todmorden and we expect frogspawn any time.

Bruce said...

Dave Sutcliffe reported on Calderdale Birds that frogs were congregating at Cold Edge yesterday in a footpath pond just below Moorlands Farm - down the track from the Withens - but not at Cold Edge dams - yet!

Steve Blacksmith said...

8 clumps of frogspawn in the silted dams high up Colden Dale today.

Jeff Cox said...

Loads of frog spawn at Langfield when I was up there yesterday.