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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Snow Tracks

These tracks appeared overnight in our front garden. They look like deer, I cannot think of anything else.

We left a tray of raisins and old Christmas cake out the previous evening and its all gone this morning


Linda said...

Looks like Fallow deer. My track book says 6.5 x 4cm. Does that sound about right? Doesn't say they eat Christmas cake though!

Nick Carter said...

Must be a Rheindeer then, a bit late though!

Bruce said...

Thanks Linda, that sounds right. I have seen Roe and 1 Red in the fields nearby but not Fallow.

Nick could also be right. I left a note asking for ten pence for the cake, but it only left two pence! There was a lot of cake for one. Must have been too deer!

ian and tina said...

These tracks have melted out, and the size distorted. They are likely to be roe deer, if sheep can be ruled out.

Bruce said...

Sheep I am sure can be ruled out, and they had melted out. There were large cat prints nearby and we don't see many lynx round here.