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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Booth Wood 17.06.2014

Michael and I went to see the Orchids near Booth Wood and there must have been hundreds of them. 

Common Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza fuschii).

A pretty little fungus.

Southern Marsh Orchid (dactylorhiza praetermissa). Michael's photos above and mine below.

A Chinese Bramble (Rubus tricolor) must have escaped from a garden as it was growing near the car park.

It has soft red bristles and shiny, hairless leaves.


  1. The Bramble is from Japan. It's Rubus phoenicolasius, Japanese Wineberry.

    It's not in West Yorkshire Plant Atlas, nor in Murgatroyd, though he lists 25 Rubus for our area. Don Grant of YNU is an authority.

    R.phoenicolasius has escaped also at Copley Valley, Ogden Reservoir and the primary school at Southowrham. It spreads by seeding as well as runners. It's worrying, but the berries are delicious. See Bob Flowerdew's Fruit Book.

    Sorry, I can't direct you to any R.tricolor for comparison.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I don't think it is Japanese Wineberry as the leaves are different. Chinese Bramble has hairless,shiny green leaves like the one pictured and is a similar shape to our common bramble whereas Japanese Wineberry has oval pointed leaves. I have seen it with Peachysteve who knew what is was and this one is identical.


  3. Hi Steve,

    I also saw some more R. tricolor in Mytholmroyd today that I will be posting probably later today or tomorrow.


  4. Thanks for that, I'd like to see the R.tricolor.

  5. Thanks for that, I'd like to see the R.tricolor.

  6. You've already seen Rubus tricolor pictured above :)

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  8. I have been wrongly informed. Can't remember who by. I accept the one we get round here is Rubus tricolor. R.phoenicolasius is tall, up to 6ft. high apparently!

    Another massive colony of Rubus tricolor is behind the tyre depot at West Vale, itself behind the filling station/car wash in Saddleworth Rd.
    Here it is is romping along the banks of the Black Brook behind the industrial estate.

  9. This page is good for checking your bramble IDs againt some images. The site doesn't help with identification but shows many diferent species. It has other sections on Flowers,Trees & Shrubs & Grasses, Sedges, Rushes & Ferns