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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Offering - any one interested in Natural History archives?

In the library we have a quantity (perhaps a brief case full) of duplicates of these from the early 20thC. It appears we inherited them from the Ovenden Naturalists when they folded.

We need funds, and would welcome purchase offers, or offers of help selling them.

Does anyone perhaps enjoy selling things on line?

Just like the HSS, the Yorkshire Naturalists Union was at this time interested in archaeology, and the only photographs in this edition are of bronze axes unearthed in Yorkshire. It was after all well before the era of wildlife photography.

They are a fascinating read, with birds, taxidermy, egg collecting, mammals and the problem of shooting much discussed.


AndyC said...

I would like a look through...Also some Autumn Crocus under the viaduct near the Buddist café.????

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Andy,
That's great.
How can you come and see them, at the library in the daytime, or at one of our evening meetings? I just have the one pictured at home, but I could bring them all home if you want to call round. I'm on 0771 500 5379. Or landline 348222.

Those flowers are Colchicums/ Meadow Saffron. Mostly they are in gardens, and garden centres sell them as Autumn Crocus, very confusingly. Several people have reported those to me, but thanks anyway. (The best way to tell is Colchicums have six stamens, and the Crocuses have three - these are the 6 or 3 club-shaped organs around the central stigmas.)