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Friday, 2 October 2015

Todmorden Crocus nudiflorus

It is a good year for them in the Halifax area.

There is just one showing in this picture in Centre Vale Park. (Recognise the Bandstand?) Click the picture to enlarge.

There were more on this bank, but they were getting crushed by football spectators, so myself, Phillip Marshall, Linda Kingsnorth and others moved most of them to the wild flower area to the left of the bandstand (looking in).

There was also a small colony in a field above Bacup Rd. which Portia reported to me, and I found in about 2008.

I am going to check these 2 colonies this evening Friday if anyone wants to join me. (Sorry for the short notice.) Meet at the park gates nearest the cricket ground at 6.00pm.

No one recently has seen them at Great House near Cross Stones. The fields are much altered with artificial fertilisers, but they could still be there. These location details are all I have.

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Steve Blacksmith said...

What we found: In Centre Vale Park . . .
there were still about 15 crocuses on the bank from which we tried to move them.
there were only about 3 where we moved them to, to the left of the Bandstand (looking in,) though it appears the gardeners are still keeping it as a wildflower area. (Autumn crocus do best under the traditional haymaking regime.)
there were even two crocuses on the right of the bandstand, where I have never seen them.
The colony up Bacup Rd. had no crocuses, the pasture being full of Texel sheep as usual. These are probably eating the leaves off in spring, which will eventually kill of this patch, if they haven't already done so.