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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wren's nest late July

In the hollow under the huge branch, there were at least 2 probably more, small chicks being fed by the adults. The tree is at Blake Dean, above Hardcastle Crags. Clicking on the picture on my laptop enlarges it to see the chick.

Just shows how nests can still be active late in the summer, especially Goldfinches I find.

Any big alterations in gardens including pruning and trimming should be done only after long observation to avoid killing nestlings.

Other birds seen at Blake Dean last Thursday included a male Whinchat and Green Woodpecker.


Philip said...

Just shows the value of old trees and the holes they provide. Lovely photos Steve. The Beech and the nesting branch is fantastic.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thank, Philip. There's another amazing beech which has fallen over about 80 years ago. It's lying down the slope but has stayed alive as there is a small amount of healthy foliage on the downhill end. I base my estimate of when it fell over by 2 huge new trees which have sprung up from the trunk.
There's another, divided near the ground, which must have one of the largest girths of any beech in Calderdale.
If anyone wants to make a visit to the Blake Dean area sometime, leave a message with these comments and it could be arranged.