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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chicken of the Woods, Calderdale

Laeitiporus sulphureous

Chicken of the Woods in Longwood this a.m.

This weather should be wonderful for fungi though there were very few in Longwood. I think you would need very strong teeth for this chicken which was about 20 feet up the tree.


Thanks for the post Michael


Philip said...

That's good photo Bruce. Looks as though it may be on an Oak tree. There is also good chicken of the woods on an old oak pollard in the park woods at Tod. Must be a good year for it.

Nick Carter said...

Found another in the Luddenden Valley a few weeks ago, ID courtesy of Steve B.

Bruce said...

Hi Philip
Thanks for the compliments...
but it's Michaels photo!

We (the HSS)saw some on Lightcliffe golf course a couple of years ago.