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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cantharis fusca 30 06 12

Cantharis fusca 30 06 12
Hi,found this striking Beetle in Ramsden Wood Clough near Ragby Bridge yesterday in between the torrential rain,also as Unbelievably the Sun made a guest appearance a Purple Hairstreak flew in front of me then upto the canopy of some Oaks,the Waterfall looked impressive,but couldnt get any pics as the rain pelted down,still it was great just to be out there.regards Brian


Bruce said...

Excellent record for Purple Hairstreak Brian, especially considering the weather. Only seen them with Brian Cain in calm conditions in and around Broadhead Clough.

Steve Blacksmith said...

The fern is interesting,as well, Brian.

It looks as if it might be hard shield fern, Polystichum aculeatum.

As you're up there in the coal measures geology, there is a possibility of basic flushes,(alkaline springs) which would favour this fern.

Very scarce (possibly formerly extinct) fern in Calderdale, if it is.

brian leecy said...

Hi Bruce/Steve there are quite a few places around the Todmorden area for Purple Hairstreaks ,i believe they are much underecorded due no doubt to there habits flying around the Oak canopy,bottom end of Gorpley Clough can be good especially on the top path as you can look across and down on them rather then craning ones neck from below.Steve not sure re Ferns but they are doing well in the Clough towards Ragby Bridge ,regards Brian