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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Vole and Weasels

Sounds like an eco Pub don't it? The Field Vole was on a grassy bank by the track leading from Ogden Res to the Withens. About 100 metres away a pr Kestrel were hunting. The two Weasels were on the track at Soil Hill, they scarpered under a big rock on seeing me. No amount of cajoling could get them to emerge for a photo shoot.
A tragic sight indeed was in the ditch running along Cold Edge Rd to Fly Flatts. Gallons of Frog spawn has gone to waste owing to lack of rain; some areas are not even wet while others have just a trickle of water.

Here is the link for Birds seen.

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Bruce said...

Thanks for the post Nigel. I had a young black rabbit up back lane.
Comment & Bird list on your blog.