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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Soil Hill

One of two Roe Deer galloping up the N slope of Soil Hill
Today Frogs and their spawn were very much in evidence in a number of different locations on the hill.

I counted about 15 frogs but there were far more splashes from those I didn't see.


Brian Sumner . said...

Its a while since Ive had Roe Deer up there but saw tracks in the snow when on Snow Bunt watch.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Nigel,
Great pics inc the hare! Frogs are usually monitored by counting the clumps of spawn - so 3 females laid the 3 clumps in the pic. As the spawn soaks up water they become less distinct, but it's still usually possible to get a rough estimate. All such records gratefully received here.

Toads are counted individually as their spawn strings all get tangled up together, so are no good for monitoring. Luckily toads move slower!