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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Two to look out for..

Mountain Bumble Bee (Bombus (Pyrobombus) monticola) and Cockchafer (Melolontha melolontha)are not often seen in Calderdale any sightings in the next couple of Months would be good to hear about.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Andy,
Sounds like you didn't see my post of about a week ago.
Edie Jolley is collating the sightings of Bilberry (Mountain) Bumble Bee in Calderdale. She would like grid references wherever possible, as some spots have various names on different maps.
Just seen a cockchafer down in Hampshire, but not up here yet this year.
You asked about Aspen recently. Just found a fourth site for it (not obviously planted, that is.) It is high up to the right in Gorpley Clough, just after entering the clough - small suckering shoots only.We are having a HSS walk up there on 14th (Linda Kingsnorth leading.)

AndyC said...

Sorry steve didnt see your post,,,,,recorded 10 cockchafers last night in Hardcastle craggs...The bee in the pic was recorded at Thorton Moor..Bradford..