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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Water Shrew

I saw a Water Shrew Neomys fodiensa calling and then swimming under water a few days ago in Holmfield in a tributary of Strines Beck.
I was surprised how big and loud they are. As far as I know the nearest record is a few mile away in Bradford.

In Calderdale-WN  (Yahoogroups.com)  (messages 1596 to 1602) various members mention water shrew in Calderdale and the possibility of updating the map. The NBN gateway map is still not updated with local records. Perhaps Colin or Hugh could once again badger WYEcology.

My record is at SE 08466 29677 on 21/4/2011

Link to NBN records of local Water Shrew.


Steve Blacksmith said...

West Vale and Barkisland provided positive records recently. The one I saw at West Vale was feeding in a ditch over the wall beside the garden centre. (Overlooking the rugby pitch.)

The one at Barkisland was a freshly dead one which I still have frozen. Yes they are surprisngly big compared with other shrews. The size of mice.

Colin Howes at YNU informed of dates etc. Left it up to Colin Duke to inform WYE, but don't know if he did.

Hugh Firman said...

WYE do not supply records to the NBN (problem with the data agreement). They only hold 3 records for Calderdale - Barkisland Hall and 2 for Newbank Garden Centre, West Vale which sound like your records, Steve.

Further rcords should be sent to ecology@wyjs.org.uk. They do have a preferred recording form but I'm not clever enough to post it here.

Bruce said...

Thanks Steve and Hugh

Evie @ WYJS now contacted