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Friday, 1 April 2011

Toads moving during the day

This toad was taken out briefly from the dam at Hebden Hey. They seem to change colour when wet. Or perhaps hormonal changes cause a colour change.

The original finder of the site can only go in the daytime. Here are her recent daytime counts.


2 days ago - 11 freshly dead

today Friday 1st April - 27 dead, 4 coupled pairs (8) plus, by coincidence, 27 singles on the move.

Among the many willing volunteers, perhaps there are some who could go up in the day.

(The original finder, Kate, notices quite a lot of traffic going to Hebden Hey some days.)


Linda said...

I believe they change colour according to their environmental conditions. Does that fit with 'your' toad?

Steve Blacksmith said...

Not really, all the toads in the dam here looked pale against the dead leaf silt in the water.

Most common toads I see on land and dry are dark, though they vary between brownish, greenish and reddish-brown.

Linda said...

The fact that they were all pale suggests they've all adapted to something in that environment doesn't it?

Steve Blacksmith said...

That's how it seems to be to me.