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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Rishworth Today - Purple Toadflax and More!

Hello all,

I went out for a nice walk today and spotted a few plants.
One or two may want IDing.
I am not sure of the status of Purple Toadflax in Calderdale, anyone know?
It is non native I believe, yet a foodplant for the Toadflax Brocade and Toadflax Pug Lepidoptera.

Purple Toadflax Flowers

Purple Toadflax Leaves

A couple of the Purple Toadflax plants

The Purple Toadflax plants again with a bit more leaf view

All plants and where they are growing

Don't know this one

All of the Don't Know plants

A self-seeded wildflower bit in Heathfield School car park

Bush Vetch in the car park

Red & White Clover in the car park

Spear Thistle

Spear Thistle

Hedge Woundwort

Hedge Woundwort as above just less zoom

Hedge Woundwort growing through the Rosebay Willowherb

What is This?


  1. Not much good on wild flowers Edward.....but I keep trying! Bottom one could be Wood Sorrel ?

  2. David, I think you've got it bang on...

  3. A few comments on the plants. Purple Toadflax is quite a common garden escape in the area. You'll occasionally also find Pale Toadflax.
    The one you don't know is Wall Lettuce. It has very distinctive leaves.
    The bottom one is definitely an Oxalis, Wood Sorrel is the local native found in woodland but there are several other species which are garden escapes.
    I have changed the name of a couple other species in your post to avoid confusion.

  4. I saw it flower in Late April/Early May, the flowers were white if that helps.