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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Rishworth - Plant walk and a couple of IDs

Can't put my finger on this. It has nettle-like leaves

Confused on this aswell

The mystery plant with nettle leaves again

Birds Foot Trefoil on the slope where the Burnet moths live

Went for a walk today. Found a few Purple Toadflax and some interesting IDs. The above video is what I think is Common Toadflax at the start of the video.
The mystery Toadflax plant


  1. The first mystery plant is Wood Sage, usually found on old walls at woodland edges.
    The second looks like Sulphur Cinquefoil. I only know this from one place which is on the road up to the pet crematorium above the old station house at Triangle. Is that where you saw it?
    I can't see your Bird's-foot Trefoil clearly but I suspect it is Meadow Vetchling.
    I can't get the video to play, video can be bit a bit sketchy on the blog.

  2. I saw the Sulphur Cinquefoil at the bottom of Heathfield Rise here in Rishworth. Shame about the video there is a bad bad picture of the Common Toadflax attached now. Thank you.