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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Moorland Flowers - Oxygrains - Rishworth Moor - 22nd July - A Mystery Plant As well

I went to Oxygrains today and saw a few bits and bobs.
Hope you enjoy and this mystery plant is quite interesting.

Mystery Plant - Foliage and Flowers

Mystery Plant - Flowers

Heath Bedstraw
So common here in Rishworth and area

Herb Robert 'album'
A few plants of this, new to me,
not the species, this form.


  1. The plant on the bridge is Common Restharrow, it appeared after the bridge was rebuilt a few years ago. Whether is was seeded or accidentally brought in a don't know. It's very rare in Calderdale, good to know it is still there.
    The Herb Robert is a garden escape, it is known as Geranium robertianum var. bernettii

  2. Thanks a lot Steve. There is quite a lot of Birds Foot Trefoil on the bridge aswell.
    Thanks again


  3. I was going to say rest harrow but someones beaten me to it. Some varieties are restricted to calcareous soils. I suspect it is acidic/sandstone up there.