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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Fantastic Sky

Took a couple of photo's on 23rd March on the phone of the cloud (Cirrus I think) - very high cloud, with the added bonus of a 'Sun Dog' (second 2 shots) showing to the left of the sun mid morning.

Not sure how it will show up on the blog but I'll try.
Notice - no vapour trails !!

'Click the photo's to enlarge'


  1. So that's a sun-dog, I've heard of them, and seen that effect, but didn't connect. I would describe it as a small fragment of a rainbow, but much higher than the usual rainbow, and among high wispy clouds.

  2. Type 'Sun Dog' into the internet Steve - some good info on them there. It's to do with the angle of the sun and ice chrystals forming in the ........(something) ....sphere.

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  4. If you saw "To Walk Invisible" (Sally Wainwright's film of the Brontë sisters) you will remember that they all saw one as they were walking across the moors. I have seen them and always thought of them as 'rainbow blobs'.