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Sunday, 8 March 2020


Smooth newt numbers have been building up this week, lots at the surface last night plus one huge crested newt female full of eggs.

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  1. Great pictures Chris.
    The Smooth Newt male is a fabulous animal in spring!
    Pity it only seems to live at the east end of Calderdale, and the west, around Todmorden. (Both places where the coal measures affect the soil.) Shibden Park lake used to have Smooth Newts, according to an old HSS record.
    All the in between places up the Calder Valley,and high up into the hills, provide records only of Palmate Newt.
    The Crested or "Great Crested" or Warty Newt which is also present at each end of Calderdale, was introduced in both areas as you know. If all readers could check the newts in the ponds, the records could be useful. Using a strong torch to look into the water after dark is a good way to do it.