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Monday, 29 July 2019

Vapourer, or rusty tussock

Spotted this vapourer moth caterpillar, Orgygia antiqua, on a sanguisorba flower in my garden in Halifax this evening.
Over the years I've found them in the garden in the egg, caterpillar and adult stages. The adult female is flightless (see my post from the 12th of August last year
The male's erratic flight put some naturalist long ago in mind of someone who had 'taken the vapours' - i.e strong drink - hence the name.


  1. It's like something from the Amazon jungle! I've got lots of Sanguisorba in my garden. Wonder if one will turn up here?

  2. I think they're very common. Not very fussy as to food plant but they like oak. This one was right beneath the oak tree. Maybe it was washed down by the torrential rain on Sunday or it has come down to pupate. I've read the fully grown ones are often seen on bushes.