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Saturday, 13 July 2019

A mid-summer day dream

I am concerned about the lack of insects and wild bees. Perhaps I'm not observant enough and behind me there are vast populations which play hide and seek when I turn around.

The photo shows Clattinger farm meadows in Wiltshire which we visited recently. It is one of the best wild flower meadows in the country and a joy to walk through, with abundant blue damselflies at every step. But where was the summer sound of buzzing bees and insects; only a few individuals could be seen if hard looked for.

The situation differs little wherever I go. Flower rich fields and flower laden bushes are lacking in any pollinators.

In our wood as soon as July started, it was impossible to work because of the clouds of black flies that formed. I had to resort to a towel draped over my head to keep them at bay. This was the same every year without fail for the whole of July. But now there aren't any. All gone.

Maybe it was all an illusion and nothing but a dream of lying in the grass in Summer and hearing the soporific drone of insects. Now I have woken from that dream I certainly miss them.

Clattinger Meadows, Wiltshire

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