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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Some July finds I'm excited about

Giant Puffball found at Hanson Lane in a very urban garden. Now mostly eaten. It fries beautifully brown and absorbs other flavours.

Wood Tiger moth at Crimsworth Dean

Wood Tiger showing its underwings. I saw my first one the week before at Gibson Mill. I'd never heard of it before!  Seen on a butterfly survey with Hardcastle Crags National Trust volunteers.

Willow Warbler nest at Jerusalem Farm. It builds a roofed-over nest with a side entrance similar to its relatives the Chiff-chaff and the Wood Warbler. When we found it last week the adults were busy feeding chicks (Annie brought my attention to them) but the nest was on a steep bank, cleverly built among thick grass with thistles and Dog-rose, making it impossible to check the contents without beating a path up to it. So finding it empty today (we waited about 15 minutes to see if the adults were still feeding,) and no signs of predation I can record it at least as a successful nest with young fledged in the first week of July. I record nest histories for the BTO, but don't find many warbler nests!


  1. The wood tiger is lovely. How was it caught?

  2. Natalie (our Projectionist at the HSS) caught it a net. I was joining in with the Hardcastle Crags volunteers on a butterfly survey for the National Trust.

  3. An interesting post, Steve. Great to get the Wood Tiger and the Willow Warbler nest info.