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Monday, 7 April 2014


Newt on the path at Ogden tonight Palmate or Smooth ?


  1. The diagnostic feature of female palmate is the yellow/white tubical spot on the back hind leg, you can just see it in this photo. When you see males in the water there back feet look like little clubs as there feet are webbed.

  2. That's useful info I wasn't aware of Andy, thanks.
    I've previously used the presence of spots on the throat to id Smooth, and the lack of spots to id Palmate, though I have a mental note that this is not infallible. Males I have always relied on to become obvious only in the water and in breeding condition.
    HSS records Smooth only in the Eastern Calderdale area, then again at Todmorden, but further info is welcome. Palmates appear to be everywhere.

  3. p.s. Great picture Fran44. (Dave ?)

  4. Yes I have seen female Smooth and Palmate newts have spots on the throat but it usualy works , the yellow tubical spot is rarely visabe unless you have them in the hand or a great photo like this one.....